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KB Egg Bar Hunt Unclipped

Product Code: (UEBH0 / UEBH00 / UEBH1 / UEBH2 / UEBH3 / UEBH4)

KB Flat Eggbars, the original KB Horseshoes, are made from the finest...


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KB Egg Bar Navicular Unclipped

Product Code: (UEBN0 / UEBN00 / UEBN1 / UEBN2 / UEBN3 / UEBN4)

The Navicular Therapeutic Horseshoe has a unique breakover system designed...


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KB Egg Bar Race Unclipped

Product Code: (UEBR0 / UEBR00 / UEBR1 / UEBR2 / UEBR3 / UEBR4)

This is the shoe of champions. From the Kentucky Derby to the Red Mile,...


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KB Wedged Egg Bar Unclipped

Product Code: (UEBW0 / UEBW00 / UEBW1 / UEBW2 / UEBW3 / UEBW4)

The three-degree egg bar gives the horse just enough extra lift to excel...


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