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Nanric Foal Extensions

Nanric Foal Extensions

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Many years ago, Dr Redden's Dalric Extension concept offered the world a fresh, new look at treating angular deformities in foals. Now he is introducing the Nanric Foal Extension, a second generation extension made of ABS plastic that is lightweight, easy to use, does not require sedation and is very effective when used on young foals.


Varus Fetlock (toed-in).
Apply to the lateral side of the hoof. Early detection is the key, as optimum response period is 5-30 days of age.
Varus Hock (windswept)
Valgus Knee (knock-kneed, toed out)
The optimum window of response is 30-60 days.

Nanric Foal Extensions

Nanric Foal Extension

How To Apply The Nanric Foal Extension:

  1. Valgus Hock (windswept)
  2. Clean the foot with a sanding block
  3. Fit the cuff to foot using the center toe marker as a guide. Note the cuff length at the coronary band and trim when necessary.
  4. Apply composite. We recommend Vettec's Super Fast for 1 week old foals and Equilox works well for older foals (though sedation may be required when using Equilox as it takes longer to cure).
  5. Warm the extension in cold weather to speed set time.

Recommended Shoeing Schedule
Age___________Duration of Wear
5 Days________5-10 Days
10 Days_______10-14 Days
2 Weeks_______2 Weeks

Nanric Foal Extension

How to Remove the Nanric Foal Extension:

When the Nanric Foal Extension is very secure, use a rasp or nipper to removethe extension.

Be careful not to nip the foot!

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